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Question Catalog

This is not a binding inquiry and only serves to get an idea of your wishes and ideas for your website.
Your data will of course be treated confidentially and discreetly!

Company data



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please select four colors by clicking on the respective color

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Your web knowledge

Are you familiar with the Internet?

Do you have programming knowledge?

Do you have image editing knowledge?


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How many pages does your website need:

How many images would you like to include:

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We want your website to suit you!

The company data is used for communication and planning of your website.
It is therefore very important that you tell us the industry in order to adapt your website to it.

Your favorite colors tell us which colors your website should use to identify with you.

Your personal style simply conveys your own style to us.

Your web knowledge lets us know which web system is best for you.

The structure of your website is at your discretion.

The scope of a website depends on many criteria.
  • Do you just want an information website or a shop?
  • How many pages does your website need?
  • How many texts and images do you need to include?
  • How many forms should be integrated?

  • When is a shop worthwhile?
    A shop is only worthwhile with an item volume of over 50 items.

    How many pages does your website need?
    You have to see a website like a book.
    Each link on the website contains one page.
    The five Basic pages are, for example, home page, information page, contact form, legal notice and the general terms and conditions. Every additional link, regardless of whether it is in the navigation or somewhere in the text, is another page.

    How many pictures should you have on your site?
    Pictures say more than 1000 words.
    Pictures brighten up the website, but you shouldn't overdo it.< br />In addition, you always have to make sure that the images are either demonstrably your own or that there is a written license for them for your website. This also applies to texts that you publish on your website!

    Do you write the text for your website yourself?
    In this case too, text may not simply be copied from somewhere else.
    Of course, you also have the option of To have your website broadcast in several languages. However, for the translation you should send the texts to a translation agency.

    The technical requirements
    Of course, your website needs a domain and a provider from which your website is forwarded to the WWW.
    If you don't have a domain yet, or If you have a provider, we will take care of the implementation.