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Our motto

Advertising is everything?

Yes... advertising is IMPORTANT!
Advertising basically starts with your logo.
This should always be at the forefront and consistent in every form of advertising.
This is the only way your logo will be remembered in people’s minds!
Your logo should always be present even on stationery, business cards, emails or on the Internet.
Even with just one Mc Donald Everyone knows who is behind it!

Creative web design

Increasing sales

Attractive advertising

Customer expansion

Getting started in advertising

We offer ideal solutions for those starting up their own business, especially for their entry into the corporate world...

Logo and letterhead design for your business papers.
Stationery, envelopes and envelopes, invoices with multiple carbon copies and much more.

Of course, your logo should be reflected on your website as recognition value.

We print on almost all promotional items.
Business cards, flyers, posters, banners and tarpaulins, bags and bags, promotional gifts such as lighters, ballpoint pens and much more.

Invoices & cost estimates are child's play
Enter positions and prices.
The rest, such as the calculation of gross, net and the amount to be paid, is done automatically.
Automatic transfer of data from the cost estimate including email delivery.

From the digital business card to the web shop.
We design your website creatively according to your needs and ideas.
Our motto:
An internet presentation should be clear, appealing and convincing. It should also be in harmony with your entire advertising.

Website tools

What are website tools

Website tools are systems that can be integrated into any website. Even if you already have a website, such tools can still be installed later.
As a small example, for example, is the visitor counter, which can be found on many websites.

Our own tools are for existing and new websites. Therefore, you do not have to have a new website created.
All tools are adapted to the design of your website.

There are some good open source content management and modular systems where customers can freely design their websites themselves.
Unfortunately, we have found that many customers are overwhelmed by the systems and have often destroyed their entire website with one click.

That's why we developed a unique system!
bootstrap 5 plus Bootstrap 5 Plus is an interaction between Bootstrap 5 and our system, for which you do not need to have any programming knowledge.
You simply enter all the data into a form and can therefore change and update the content, such as images and texts, on your entire website.
Your new website will consist of two dependent websites:
One is the regular website, and the other is from an account area where you design your website.
An introduction, guide and free support service lasting three months is of course part of every new website.

Website tools from CreativPur

With the price tag generator you can easily design and print your own price tags in DIN A4 as a stand price tag, or for the plotter in DIN A0 (hanger).

There are many sample forms available for all promotions. Of course, each price tag will have your logo on it.
Sometimes you just have to enter the item data into a form.

With the sales tool you can bring your sales goods clearly to your website.

Even if you have several branches, you can always keep an eye on sales and your customers can see how many items are still available in which branch.
This tool can also be used without any programming knowledge.

With the customer review on your website you increase the number of customer visits and thus sales with a positive response.

Even if a review is not so positive, you can still take positive steps based on this review.
This tool can also be used without any programming knowledge.

Our customer consultation appointment is exceptional.
Here your customers can choose a salesperson themselves. Provided that the salesperson is also present that day.
If an employee is not in the company on this date, they will not be listed at all.
This tool can also be expanded for several branches.
If the customer has selected a seller, they will automatically receive an email.

The company blog is suitable for internal company information.
These can of course also be commented on.
Everyone receives an information email with every blog entry, so that your team is always up to date.
Of course, images can also be uploaded to this tool!

With our application tool, your applicants are guaranteed to climb the career ladder.
This tool allows job seekers to apply to you directly via your website.
The application will automatically be sent to the human resources department for evaluation.

With the tool you always have an overview of your monthly and annual balance sheet.

In this case, too, you don't need any programming knowledge and it is equipped for several branches.
The sales of individual salespeople can also be integrated.

This system allows you to see which item is still available in which store.
This tool also provides information on how often which item has been sold or which item is reserved..

Companies and organizations with 50 or more employees must install and operate secure internal whistleblower systems. Smaller companies with between 50 and 249 employees are given an implementation period until December 17, 2023.
This whistleblower protection law serves to accept complaints from employees, customers and suppliers in order to forward them to compliance investigations.
The complaint can also be made anonymously!

Our shop system is for boutiques that have a maximum of 300 items in their range.

With this tool you can easily add, change and delete your articles without any programming knowledge.
You also have an overview of how many articles are still available..

Web Systems

Bootstrap includes an adaptable, mobile-first based, fluid grid system that scales up to 12 columns across different device or viewport sizes. There are predefined classes for simple layout options, as well as extensive mixins for creation of more semantic layouts.
Bootstrap Plus is a content management system developed by CreativPur based on the Basic of Bootstrap.
An account area is created here where you can enter, delete or update your website content yourself, without any programming knowledge can.
The CMS requires a database, the server settings are not that easy for a layperson to master. It also becomes difficult in the so-called backend, i.e. where you set up the administration of the CMS: In order to adjust your system to your own wishes, you need more than just extensive Internet knowledge.
Biggest problem: With many visitors to your site, the demands on the database server are high. WordPress delivers many updates, unfortunately some with security risks. The administration level, called backend, can only be set to a limited extent.
Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a method of improving findability in search engines. The abbreviation SEO stands for the English term “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO pursues the goal of placing your own relevant content in prominent positions in the search results to appear.
We will look for the right domain for your website or ensure a smooth domain move.

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The Team

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Management & Web Design

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